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31st July 2018

1st May 2018

14th March 2018

12th Feb 2018

9th Jan 2018

14th Nov 2017

25th Oct 2017

2nd Oct 2017

18th Sept 2017

4th Sept 2017

3rd July 2017 (meeting cancelled)

30th May 2017

7th March 2017

16th February 2017

16th Nov 2016, this was a plenary meeting commencing at 19:30hrs in Stanton Drew Village Hall (Click here to view the agenda).

All Parishioners were welcome to attend. Marc Bayliss from Worcester Research presented the results of the Housing and Business surveys.

10th Oct 2016

15th Aug 2016

11th July 2016

13th June 2016 (Meeting cancelled)

9th May 2016 (Plenary meeting)

17th May 2016 07:30 pm (Plenary meeting held in St Mary`s Church) Please note change of date. Continue reading