Stanton Drew

Our History Stanton Drew has an interesting and varied heritage. We think Stanton Drew Parish is an amazing place to live and work and our history helps us shape our future. We are very fortunate to have pre-historic Stone Circles right through to a more recent industrial heritage.

Stanton Stones to Old Colliery

The Stone Circle with the Old Colliery on the horizon

Stone circles similar to the ones at Stanton Drew are known to date broadly to the Late Neolithic and Early Bronze Age (around 3000–2000 BC).

Stanton Drew was listed in the  1086 Domesday Book as Stantone, meaning ‘The stone enclosure with an oak tree’ from the old english stan and tun and from the Celtic deru.

We have a number of  medieval, 17th and 18th century listed buildings, together with our more recent industrial history represented by the red brick buildings at the Pensford and Bromley Collieries and the remains of the tramway between the two.

In addition to our heritage Stanton Drew is in the heart of the Bristol Green Belt and our landscape is rural and varied.

In  January 2014 members of the The Team gave a presentation to BaNES detailing our unique landscape and heritage.

Stanton Drew montage of images

Some of the rich and varied features of the Parish

B&NES recently carried out a “Green infrastructure” review of our parish, click the Map to view in greater detail.

Stanton Drew green infrastructure profile

Stanton Drew green infrastructure profile