Transport & Movement

We believe that the community would like to create a safe, shared environment on the roads for pedestrians, traffic and cyclists with good and sustainable public transport links.

The Group will need to consider:

  • How can traffic more safely share space with pedestrians
  • How can we keep traffic at safe speeds and discourage cross-Parish trips
  • how can safer cycling be accommodated
  • How can we encourage and support convenient, regular and reliable public transport, shared transport and community transport
  • How to resolve car parking issues for visitors to the amenities located in the Conservation Area (Hall, Church, The Druids Arms, The Stone Circles) and plan for any new facilities that may be developed during the next 15 years
  • Developing and maintaining footpaths to improve pedestrian access between the separate settlement areas
  • How to improve and manage our footpaths (including Public Rights of Way) to encourage their regular use whilst maintaining minimal impact on the surrounding land and settled community
South side of Stanton Drew from the A368

South side of Stanton Drew from the A368

Members of the Transport & Movement Working Group are:

  • Pete Edwards
  • Felicity James
  • Derek Winstone
  • David Thomas

If you are interested in this topic and would like to provide input, please┬ácontact us using the red ‘Contact Form’ at the right of the screen.