Planning & Development

We want to drive and support sustainable development which delivers homes, businesses and infrastructure without damaging our environment and helping our community to flourish as it meets present and future demands.

The Group will need to consider:

  • How many new homes are needed to sustain our community during the next 15 years and at what rate of development
  • How to provide housing and homes which are affordable for our elderly and first time buyers
  • The understanding of the needs and opportunities for our farmers, growers and businesses and planning to encourage their growth and sustainability
  • Identifying areas were employment opportunities, business and housing development can be supported, without jeopardising Conservation Areas, the Green Belt, or our rural surroundings
  • How can we improve access to open spaces, and develop links between important hubs within our community
  • How can we maximise the use of buildings, including those that are currently under-utilised, and provide improve facilities for schooling and community use

Members of the Planning and Development Working Group are:

Upper Stanton from the cricket pitch

Upper Stanton from the cricket pitch

  • Judith Chubb-Whittle
  • Derek Winstone
  • Mamdouh El-shanawany
  • Darryl Witcher
  • Martin Elsbury (Chair)

If you are interested in this topic and would like to provide input, please¬†contact us using the red ‘Contact Form’ at the right of the screen.



Local Plan 2007 showing Housing Development Boundary

Local Plan 2007 showing Housing Development Boundary

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  1. Con Bradley 16 December, 2015 / 12:51 pm

    So does this mean that there is no such HDB around Stanton Wick or Tarnwell then? Also, some of the twists and turns in this boundary seem very random. The resolution of this map is very low but it does seem to me that there’s been a bit of ‘leakage’ in development on the wrong side of this boundary. It’s really hard to tell though. Might there be a higher resolution version of this somewhere?

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