Environment & Landscape

We want to protect and enhance our natural, built and historic environment within the Green Belt, Conservation Area and wider parish.  At the same time we want to live in a vibrant community, which provides for and supports people of all ages and needs.

Stanton Wick footpath towards Dundry

Stanton Wick footpath towards Dundry

The Group will need to consider:

  • How we continue to protect the Green Belt, rural character of the Parish, including our Conservation Area, heritage assets. noteworthy buildings and special views
  • How we  protect the varied habitats and wildlife to maintain and/or enhance biodiversity, including our Sites of Nature Conservation Interest
  • The lack of public realm green space, e.g. no village green
  • Possibilities for community-based renewable energy production
  • The impact (good or bad) of fracking or coalbed methane exploration within the Parish

Green Belt

Stanton Drew Parish is in the heart of the Bristol Green Belt, which provides some of the most rigorous protection against inappropriate development.

In a recent report ARUP, a nationally renowned consultancy company, stated that the policy was intended “…. to limit development generally to that necessary for the continued vitality of the countryside and villages therein”.

You can read the full report here: 2013 Greenbelt Review.

Conservation Area

Part of Stanton Drew is protected by a Conservation Area designation, which limits the development that can take place in order to preserve the integrity and historical content of the area:

SD Conservation Area


Heritage Assets

The Parish Council produced a document which was submitted to BaNES in January 2014 detailing our heritage assets for the Placemaking Plan.  You can download a ‘pdf’ copy here: Stanton Drew Heritage Assets for BaNES Placemaking 2014.

Character Assessment.

A Character assessment has been carried out for the Parish detailing various aspects.


Members of the Environment & Landscape Working Group:

  • Karen Cross
  • Mike Naunton
  • Ed Field

If you are interested in this topic and would like provide input, please contact us using the red ‘Contact Form’ at the right of the screen.