Working Groups

We have set up Working Groups to cover the following areas:

St Mary's Church in the snow

St Mary’s Church in the snow

Planning and Development – current members of the Planning and Development Working Group are:

  • David Ashton
  • Judith Chubb-Whittle
  • Derek Winstone

Transport and Environment – current members of the Transport and Environment Working Group are:

  • Pete Edwards
  • Felicity James
  • Derek Winstone
  • David Thomas

Facilities and Services – current members of the Facilities and Services Working Group are:

  • Julie Bragg
  • Steve Croucher
  • Andy Strickland
  • John Swift
  • Fiona Lewis

Environment and Landscape – current members of the Environment and Landscape Working Group are:

  • Karen Cross
  • Mike Naunton
  • Ed Field


If you are interested in any of these topics and would like to provide input, please contact us using the red ‘Contact Form’ at the right of the screen.