Our Evolving Plan

The Team has undertaken research in order to understand the issues that affect our community.

NP Open Meeting Jan 2014

NP Open Meeting Jan 2014

A Progress Document was  created and delivered to every residence and business within the Parish.  We have  continued to engage with the community and encourage everyone who wants to get involved to contact us.

Our residents, farmers, business owners and those who work in the Parish have told us how they see the community evolving and the issues that will need to be considered and addressed.

Based on the feedback that has been received we have now produced a Dart Plan. This will be made available to the community in early March 2018.

Please contact us using the red ‘Contact Tab’ on the right of your screen.

These time scales are aspirational and represent Milestones that the volunteer Steering Group would wish to attain based on knowledge known at the time. They are sometimes amended in the light of experience and/or actual events. EG;- During 2015 some Parishioners expressed concern regarding the process being followed. This resulted (quite rightly) in considerable delays whilst these concerns were addressed. The Time Table now displayed is the result of a review of progress and discussions with BANES officers throughout 2018.

2 Responses

  1. Con Bradley 11 December, 2015 / 2:05 pm

    The timetable states that you will have a draft plan prepared by November 2015, however we are now the 11th December so is this item on track?

    • SDNHP 19 December, 2015 / 7:35 pm

      The programme dates are aspirational rather than fixed point. They are dates that we would like to achieve but as we have never undertaken a Neighbourhood Planning process before we can only estimate the time scales. BANES supplied timescales are only Minimum times that MUST be allowed. Actual timescales vary from situation to situation. And remember that all personnel provide their time on a voluntary basis as and when they can. As you can see we have recently adjusted our time scales.

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