November 2015 Walk in meetings

Three Drop in events were held during November 2015, they were:-

Wednesday evening 11th November in Stanton Drew Village Hall.
Saturday morning 14th November at the Community Cafe in St Mary the Virgin Church.
Sunday morning 22nd November in Stanton Drew Village Hall.

Information on display was as follows

General Neighbourhood Plan Information

Ask your self some questions

Shaping our future community

What is the scope of  a Neighbourhood Plan

Pro`s and con`s of a Neighbourhood Plan

What happens if there not a Neighbourhood Plan

Planning and Development

What do we do

Our Progress so far

The site options long list (SOLL) – What is it?

The Site  scoring matrix

Planning categorization for the Parish of Stanton Drew

Site Options

Comments received

Other Documents found in comments box

Post meeting comments received

Transport and Movement

What we do

What we have said so far

What we have done so far


Bus route map of the Chew Valley

Collated Bus Timetable

Buses through Pensford

Comments and Questionnaire results 

Questionnaire – Collated results 


Bus Services  CM Cycle Way  Foot Paths  Parking

Roads and safe Walking  Safer Junctions

Environment and Landscape

Stanton Drew Parish Character Assessment

Questionnaire results

Working Group summary

Comments received

11-Nov-2015     14-Nov-2015     22-Nov-2015

Response to comments

Facilities and Services

General Presentation

Comments received