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2019 Oct

BANES has been supplied with  new document with requested changes.

2019 Sept

BANES request minor amendments to some of the wording within the Plan.

2019 August

The Parish council votes to continue support for the NHP.

BANES makes contact and confirms preparation for the consultation process is now underway.

2019 July

Waiting for BANES response.

2019 June

Waiting for BANES response.

2019 May

Waiting for BANES response.

2019 Apr

Waiting for BANES response.

2019 Mar

Waiting for BANES response.

2019 Feb

BANES acknowledge receipt of requested changes and new document.

2019 Jan

BANES request a few tweeks to the words used in the Plan without changing the meaning or context.

BANES also request supply of a “Basic conditions statement” document which is a kind of brief overview of the Process used and the Plan.

2018 Nov

Final Plan and associated Documents supplied to BANES.

2018 April

Collation of Parishioners comments made on the Draft Plan.

2018 March

Two walk in sessions are to be held in the Stanton Drew village Hall on Wednesday 21st March 07:00pm to 09:00pm

and on Sunday 25th March 02:00pm until 04:00pm. All Parishioners are welcome to come and examine the Draft Plan and leave comments if they wish.

2018 February

It is planned that consultation on the Draft Plan will start on the 5th of March 2018 and continue until 12th April 2018.

2018 January

We are now working on producing the Draft Plan which will be made available shortly.

2017 December

Analysis of all of the Surveys is complete. The Policies Document – Short Version is now available on this site along with the results of the Options Document consultations. These can be found on the “Associated Documentation” page. A flyer will be delivered to all Households during December.

2017 November

The new survey for P&D1 is complete. We will now be analyzing the results from both surveys prior to using the results to help create the Draft Plan. Results from the surveys will be published as soon as they have been compiled.

2017 October

Due to an error on the original Options Document feedback form we are holding a new survey for the P&D1 option. A hard copy of this new feedback form has been delivered to all households and is also available on-line.

2017 September

The date for submission of Options Document feedback forms is now past and the Neighbourhood Plan team will be busy analyzing the results and using them to create the Draft Plan.

2017 August

Parishioners have been busy completing the Options Document feedback form either as hard copy or on line.

2017 July

The Options document is now ready and can be viewed on our “Associated Documentation” page prior to the following presentations:-

2017 March

We have listened!

Thank you to everyone who took part in last year’s consultations and recent questionnaire. We had a 30% return on the questionnaire which is a high rating, so thank you!

To view the result of the recent Questionnaire click here.

The team is now working on the Options document that will be presented to you for your comments later in the Spring.

The SOLL [Site Options Long List] has been revised in conjunction with B&NES Planning Department to reflect changes in the White Paper on Housing & The Housing & Infrastructure Bill 2016, click on the link to view.

If you or members of your family who didn’t complete the questionnaire but still want to have your say, please come to see us at the Community Café in the Church on the second Saturday of each month.

2017 February

After unexpected delay we have now distribted the combined questionnaire previously mentioned and the date for return (16th Feb) has passed.

The response will now be collated and analysed, the results will be used to help formulate the “Options Document”.

Documents refered to within the body of the questionnaire can be accessed from the “Our evolving Plan” on the Top menue Bar of this Web site under the sub heading “Associated documentation” .

Please take some of your valuable time to complete the questionnaire and return in the supplied envelope. Alternatively request an online link from RagDoll by sending an email to to receive a link to the questionnaire.

Completion deadline is 16th February 2017.

Thank you in advance for taking part.

2016 October

‘Stanton Drew Neighbourhood Plan Team have great pleasure in presenting the Housing and Business survey results produced by Worcester Research on behalf of the Parish.

Marc Bayliss from Worcester Research will present the results to you at the Plenary meeting on Wednesday 16th November 2016, at the Village Hall commencing 7.30pm.

The team is delighted to announce that in the next week or so the combined questionnaire from the Environment & Landscape, Transport & Movement and Facilities teams will be delivered to your door! We appreciate this may seem a big document BUT it gives you another chance to have YOUR say so please take time to complete and return it as instructed on the questionnaire. Thank you so much.

Please note that ANY development in the Parish MUST be inline with Bath and Northeast Somerset Core Strategy policies and national Green Belt and planning policies and legislation. Any SDNHP development policies must be inline with these policies.’


Don`t forget the plenary meeting on Wednesday 16th November 2016 @ 19:30hrs in Stanton Drew Village Hall.

2016 September

We are still experiencing some delay in preparing the “Tri-subject” general questionnaire but we now believe we will be able to issue it during the later part of September.

It is intended to hold a plenary meeting on Wednesday 16th November 2016 @ 19:30hrs in Stanton Drew Village Hall.

2016 August

Unfortunately we have not been able to progress preparation of the “Tri-subject” general Questionnaire as quickly as we had intended. We now hope to be able to issue this Questionnaire in Late August / Early September.

2016 – July

The Business Survey has been distributed and returned. The “Tri-subject” general Questionnaire preparation is nearing completion and we have a target distribution date of the week beginning 23-July-2016, with a return date of 15th August 2016. Please make every effort to complete and return this questionnaire. There will be a Neighbourhood Plan information Table at the Stanton Drew Flower Show on Saturday 16th July 2016, here you can ask any questions and see the proposed plan to completion.

2016 – June

The Housing Needs survey has now been delivered and the deadline for return has passed.  The Business Survey will be distributed during Mid June followed a few weeks later by the third and final survey which will cover the areas of Transport & Movement, Facilities and Amenities and Landscape and the Environment.

2016 – May

After much discussion with BANES we have now agreed the questions that will be included in the next Parish Neighbourhood Plan Questionnaires. We hope to have examples of these available at the next Plenary meeting on Tuesday 17th May 2016 and plan to distribute them to the community during late May. The questionnaires will be hand delivered to each Household as two separate groups based on subject matter. Included with the first Questionnaire group will be an explanatory letter, Select to see letter.

2015 – December

Following analyses of the Parish Questionnaire and Subsequent to the November 2015 public walk in sessions,we are now analyzing parishioners input and will be working towards preparing a Draft Plan – watch this space.

As of 20th March 2015 every Household in the Parish had received one or more copies of the Parish questionnaire

The last day for returning completed questionnaire`s was 10th APRIL 2015.

Questionnaire logo

The results are being used to help formulate further Neighborhood Plan development and further consultation.

If you have any queries please contact us using the button to the right of the screen.

The winner of the “Questionnaire Draw” was John Morris.